Pair of Docs co-founder becomes CEO of Inpore Tech

Gerry Roston's plan for Pair of Docs is working quite well. The Saline-based entrepreneur has used the consulting firm to help secure a top executive position at up-and-coming firm Inpore Technologies.

Roston is now the CEO of the East Lansing-based
plastic polymers manufacturer. He is helping the Michigan State University spin-off finish its first round of angel investments this summer. He expects it to be fully operational and profitable within a year or two and to have 7-8 employees (there are now three) by the end of this year.

"That model is working very well now," Roston says.

Pair of Docs won't just fade away with Roston's exit. His partner in the Saline-based business will fill in as Roston focuses on Inpore Technologies.

Inpore Technologies makes a polymer additive to make plastics stronger and more flexible - no easy task. Its product is biodegradable, thereby shortening the time that automotive plastics spend in landfills to a few years rather than indefinitely. It also makes the plastic more fire retardant and non-toxic if it actually does burn.

"There are all sorts of neat opportunities with this product," Roston says.

Source: Gerry Roston, partner with Pair of Docs and CEO of Inpore Technologies
Writer: Jon Zemke
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