Procuit improves employee learning, plans to triple staff

Mapping the mind. It's a way the people behind Ann Arbor-based Procuit like to describe how their technology works.


The system helps cube dwellers remember what all those so-called experts and motivational speakers are droning on about during training seminars. It does this by reinforcing the material through five-minute exercises two to three times a week after the information is absorbed.


"We're like the insurance for your training program," says Tom Meloche, president of the 2.5-year-old Procuit. "We make the system smart about what you're forgetting. We call it mapping your mind."


It uses complex proprietary algorithms to optimize the time spent making the lesson sink in. Without it, or some sort of specific plan to commit the plan to memory within a month, most of the information presented to employees ends up being forgotten and the training time wasted.


Meloche and his four fellow co-workers are selling the technology to corporations to help complement existing training systems. They expect 50 to 100 percent growth in sales within the next one to two years. If the company hits its goals, Meloche expects Procuit to triple its staff over that same time period.


Source: Tom Meloche, president of Procuit
Writer: Jon Zemke