Saagara moves to Kerrytown to accommodate growth

Saagara has moved to a new home in Kerrytown and is preparing to launch a worldwide platform for its meditative technology from the office overlooking Ann Arbor's Broadway Bridge.

Saagara, which is Sanskrit for ocean of ideas, provides a holistic approach to better health, centered around a breathing technique called Pranayama. The company's CEO, Dr. Bobby Peddi, started the company shortly after he left his surgical residency about three years ago. Today the company has 2 million users and is looking to launch its worldwide platform when it hits the 3 million user mark later this year.

"We want to be the platform for people around the world to use these things," Dr. Peddi says. "We're prepared to launch that very shortly."

Saagara's new office is in Kerrytown are 3.5 times larger than its previous office in the Tech Brewery. The new space is in a building its sharing with Duo Security and Resonant Venture Partners. Saagara now employs 10 people after hiring five people (some of them replacement hires) in the last year.

Source: Dr. Bobby Peddi, CEO of Saagara
Writer: Jon Zemke

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