adds 4 as it becomes National School Services

What was once is now National School Services, a new name that better embodies the growing breadth of services offered from the Ypsilanti-based business.

The 6-year-old company got its start providing portraits of students, using a formula that allowed the school to create a new revenue while providing student photos. So far that formula has provided $3.5 million in new revenue for schools across the U.S. in the company's lifetime.
still exists as an arm of the newly rebranded National School Services. The company has expanded its offerings to include things like diplomas and class rings. "We're doing some different things, but all of our customers know what we do," says Skip Cerier, CEO of National School Services.

That has also allowed the firm to expand to 41 people and a couple of interns after hiring four people in the last year. This new hiring is being propelled by double-digit revenue growth, including 20 percent growth over the last two years.

"It [growth] has been pretty steady," Cerier says.

Source: Skip Cerier, CEO of National School Services
Writer: Jon Zemke

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