U-M students launch music tournament start-up Stamp.fm

Omar Hashwi has always thought public performance and music platforms like Youtube were difficult to use and unfriendly to small bands and DJs looking to break out. That's when the University of Michigan student decided to build a better music platform, Stamp.fm.

"We want to make sure every artist can be heard," says Omar Hashwi, founder & president of Stamp.fm. Hashwi is also a local DJ and vice president of the student body at the University of Michigan. "We want this to be a well-known platform where people go to discover new music and artists go to kickstart their careers."

The 5-month-old start-up provides a platform for what it calls online music tournaments. Every couple of weeks, Stamp.fm asks artists to audition in places with dynamic music scenes, like Ann Arbor and Detroit. The auditioning acts then square off in a battle-of-the-bands-like contest where a champion of that city's music scene is announced.

The Ann Arbor-based start-up and its team of a few dozen contributors has already held one of these competitions in Ann Arbor and is looking to expand into other nearby markets, such as Detroit and Chicago.

Source: Omar Hashwi, founder & president of Stamp.fm
Writer: Jon Zemke

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