Warmilu preps for clinical trials, commercialization

Warmilu, the start-up creating a better blanket for infants, is now running a pre-clinical trial of its product. The Ann Arbor-based company is prepping for clinical trials later this year and commercialization in 2014.

"This is the first time it has been tested on infants, and it works," says Grace Hsia, CEO of Warmilu (formerly M-Wrap).

Hsia and her team of eight people (mostly University of Michigan students and recent graduates) launched the company last spring. The idea is to help premature infants retain and increase their body heat, which helps improve their rate of survival. The blankets would be used both in hospitals and homes.

Warmilu is targeting low-income groups with this blanket. Think families living below the poverty line in the first world or in third-world countries. Members of Warmilu have already taken an exploratory trip to India and is planning on a follow-up trip later this year.

Warmilu is also beginning the process of raising angel round to fund the clinical trials of the blanket. The group is aiming to secure $20,000 for the clinical trials this year.

Source: Grace Hsia, CEO of Warmilu
Writer: Jon Zemke

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