Warmilu begins sales as it broadens heating blanket’s customer base

Warmilu got its start by creating a warming blanket for infants but now the Ann Arbor-based startup is registering its first sales by broadening its customer base.

Warmilu has started selling some of its heating blankets to elderly people who use it for things like helping alleviate pain caused by arthritis, diabetes and to help with improve the overall comfort level while aging. The company is also looking to open up its customer base to people who want to use the blankets for kittens and puppies. The start-up is aiming to put its price at $29.99.

"We're looking to get 1,000 units sold by the end of the year," says Grace Hsia, co-founder of Warmilu.

The three co-founders are University of Michigan students. Hsia recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a Masters in Entrepreneurship. Warmilu has also landed a $10,000 grant from the University's Center for Entrepreneurship. So far the start-up has raised $45,000 in seed capital to fund its commercialization efforts. Hsia says it's still going to FDA approval of its blankets so it can sell them for their original purpose, warming infants.

"It's going to take us another year to get FDA approval," Hsia says.

Source: Grace Hsia, co-founder of Warmilu
Writer: Jon Zemke

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