Michigan to challenge Wisconsin's throne of cheese

With eleven Michigan creameries (Zingerman's is one of them) hoping to steal Wisconsin's cheesy crown, how long will it be before locals start wearing mitten-shaped wedges of swiss cheese on their heads at football games? We can only dream it'll be sooner rather than later.


"Eleven creameries, including two in Washtenaw County, have formed the Michigan Cheese Makers Cooperative -- with the goal of going head-to-head with Wisconsin.

Specifically, the coalition wants to market members' artisanal cheeses. Those cheeses, which can cost as much as $20 a pound, use only Michigan milk, are produced in small batches and are primarily handmade.

The whole effort has become easier, thanks to Gov. Rick Snyder's emphasis on agriculture and the growth of the buy-local movement.

"We are going to beat Wisconsin," said Matt Birbeck, supply chain and marketing specialist at Michigan State University's Product Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources, who helped create the co-op.

Dairy is a $5.9-billion business in Michigan, according to the state Department of Agriculture."

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