Cynical Mississippi blogger hearts Zingerman's

Zingerman's brand continues to pop up in media outlets across the nation and even around the world. The latest content creator to make a pilgrimage to Ann Arbor's Kerrytown is the Cynical Cook blog, and hails from the wilds of Mississippi.


It’s been more than two years since I first ordered from the Zingerman’s website. In that time a variety of culinary oddities and delights have crossed my kitchen counter; salamis, real fruit juice gummi treats, coffees, peppercorns, bacon, bread, olive oil, teas, I could keep going but I’m afraid I’d list the bulk of their catalogue.

When I saw Zingerman’s at the 2009 NASFT Fancy Foods show in New York, I thought that would be the closest I’d get to the actual deli. With little to no reason to visit Michigan, making the rounds of the Zingerman’s shops was tucked away in the back of my mind.

Having made myself content to order religiously from the website, I recently found myself in an interesting situation. My good friend, Jon, was getting married to the love of his love, Stephanie. With Stephanie hailing from Northwest Ohio, the wedding would be in Toledo. Immediately the gears in my mind began to turn. I knew that Toledo had been the subject of a border war for Michigan and Ohio for years, so I looked to see just how close Toledo was to Ann Arbor. Seeing the drive was less than 50 miles, I knew where I was going the day after the wedding.

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