Ypsi Project catches faces in the cool crowd

Faces in the crowd are no longer just that thanks to The Ypsi Project, which intends to take a portrait of a different person in the city each year.


Remember how, a year or so ago, I told you about a young photographer here in Ypsi and her ambitious plan to take a portrait of a different person in the City every day for a year? Well, Erica Hampton’s Ypsi Project has taken a few big twists and turns since then, but it seems as though things are finally heading toward some kind of big conclusion. Erica is planning a public showing of about 100 portraits from the collection at the end of May, in what was the old VG Kids customer service office on Michigan Avenue - a space which is now being referred to unofficially as the XVG Gallery. And, she’s just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $2,400 she needs to pay for the printing, mounting, framing, space rental, etc.

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