How real estate agents sell Mt. Pleasant

Real estate work resumed in Michigan on May 7, kicking off what has so far been a busy season for many agents. While this summer’s real estate market is sure to be unique compared to previous years, one thing that will remain true is that those moving into the area not only need to fall in love with the home they are buying but with the city they’re moving into as well.


Krystal Campbell, associate broker with WEICHERT, REALTORS Broadway RealtyKrystal Campbell, associate broker with WEICHERT, REALTORS Broadway Realty and Emma Fuller, realtor with Hometowne Realty talk about the various ways they sell the city of Mt. Pleasant to incoming residents.


With a variety of employers in the region – from Central Michigan University to Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort to a multitude of banks and other businesses – one of the reasons people move to Mt. Pleasant is often due to a new job.


Both Campbell and Fuller have relationships with various organizations in town to take people interviewing for a job in Mt. Pleasant on a tour, during which they get to know their prospective clients and introduce them to the city. Campbell and Fuller said each tour is uniquely tailored to the interests of the individual; however, there are few Mt. Pleasant selling points that they try to highlight each time.


“I like to highlight the local aspect of our community that makes ours more unique than others,” says Campbell.

Mt. Pleasant’s variety of downtown eateries, along with its diversity of shops make for a bright and vivid downtown to show potential community members. Taking them by the local staple Max & Emily’s and talking about the Summer Concert Series are always a hit.


“Particularly in the summer, the outdoor concerts seem to be popular,” says Campbell. “We’re a small town with some big-town opportunities.”

Driving by Max & Emily’s and talking about the Summer Concert Series are common during Campbell and Fuller’s tours.

She says some of those “big-town opportunities” she mentions in include the concerts and events at Soaring Eagle Casino, as well as the sporting events at Central Michigan University since not every town in the area can offer residents the opportunity to attend a large concert or a football game at a Division and be home within a few minutes.


Another selling point of the community is the parks.


“I always hit our parks and rec system,” says Fuller. “I think we have a wonderful parks and rec department. I think everybody really enjoys that.”

If the client is from out of state, talking about parks provides an opportunity to talk about one of the benefits of being a Michigander as well – the many lakes.

One of Mt. Pleasant’s selling points that both Campbell and Fuller point out to residents looking at homes in the area is the local park system.

“We’re in close proximity to some inland lakes,” says Campbell. “If they’re coming from another state, they may not know how common it is to say, ‘I’m going up north’ and that may not be that far.”


Emma Fuller, realtor with Hometowne RealtyOne of the final selling points both Campbell and Fuller make for many people they give a tour to is that Mt. Pleasant is a community people can grow and evolve in, while quickly find a sense of belonging.


“When people go to Max & Emily’s, it’s not long before they’re recognized as a regular,” says Emma.


Campbell says, “I like to tell people I actually was a student that came here to go to CMU and I happened to work at a bank in town and I loved the feeling of the community – being small but having a lot to do – and I raised my kids here and now have a college student at CMU and a high schooler.”


Knowing that the community has many things to offer as you go through the various stages of life, and knowing the community will still be there if you wish to stay as a senior, is important to people moving to the area.

“I really do think the Mt. Pleasant community is a very family-oriented community. There are lots of activities for families. There’s a close-knit bond for kids who go to school together and play sports together,” says Emma. “There’s really something for all ages. We have a wonderful senior center here. We have something to do for retirees at Morey courts. I see ladies go there to play tennis in the afternoons. We have condo areas with close-knit seniors that live by each other.”

Campbell Says, “As I give tours, as I drive around town, I like to point out different businesses and what they offer, places that are fun to visit, and I point out the fact that we’re a very friendly community and it’s not long before people find their niche and fall in love with the same things about the community that we all have.”

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