Economic Development

Longform On the Ground West Douglas/Fairmont Mountain Home Cemetery
Feature Story Terri Trotter is the president and CEO of the Midland Center for the Arts.

Q&A with Terri Trotter, Midland Center for the Arts

Feature Story Art Seen Festival will take place in downtown Midland from June 5-6, alongside even more local art festivals.
Feature Story On the Ground Kalamazoo Family Health Center Drive through Vaccine
Development News “It just makes sense for us to support initiatives like the Macomb Science Olympiad – initiatives that work to grow STEM-based talent to fill the jobs of tomorrow,” says Sterling Heights Senior Economic Development Advisor Luke Bonner.
Feature Story Community Action House began construction on its Food Club in March 2021.
Feature Story A stand member looks out across the neighborhood from the Porch of The Lemonade Stand of Muskegon.
Longform Trista Van Tine, Nhu Do, Linette Lao, Linh Song, Praveena Ramaswami, and Yen Azzaro.
Longform PTD Productions president Marie Jones at Riverside Arts Center.
Longform On the Ground Kalamazoo State Theatre
Longform On the Ground Battle Creek Andrew Freemire
Innovation News Afton Branche-Wilson.
Innovation News "Skating Tree Town."
Innovation News Many Washtenaw County residents have faced food insecurity as a result of the pandemic, and are unfamiliar with the process of navigating food pantries.
Innovation News A flyer for the contest.
Feature Story Dave Koster is the general manager of the Holland BPW.
Feature Story On the Border Catering Captain Carolyn McNeil was one of eight West Michigan employees honored with the 2020 West Michigan Works! Beverly A. Drake Essential Service Award.
Longform On the Ground Maude Bristol-Perry Ave.
Feature Story ODC received funding for the launch of Project 180, a new nature-based summer education program.
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