Economic Development

Feature Story Inside an Algonac A-Frame
Feature Story Be-list

A look back at a welcome return: Boat Week

Feature Story Brian Nelson — Highland Plastics, Inc.
Development News “The people in Sanford, I think, are deservingly anxious to rebuild and frankly, have a little bit of fun in their lives.”
Feature Story Kelly PeLong is the executive director of the Disability Network Mid-Michigan
Feature Story “When you think about what it takes for people to thrive, housing is such a vital component to allow individuals to really thrive."
Longform Star Studio by Angel owner Angel Vanas.
Longform On the Ground Battle Creek Farmer Carlos Fontana
Longform On the Ground Kalamazoo FFE 2021
Innovation News A solstice event at North Star Reach in 2019.
Innovation News A graphic representing the categories of proposed investments under the Washtenaw County Rescue Plan.
Innovation News YMOW client Marilyn with her dogs, Trixie and Lacey.
Feature Story Ottawa County's humanoid robot, dubbed Francesca, helps visitors to the Fillmore Complex find their way through the building to the correct department.

Wayfinding robot 'Francesca' returns to Ottawa County

Feature Story The Joe Marcinek Band and Benzing Graves Collective recently played Holland's Park Theatre.
Feature Story Luciano Hernandez V and his dad, Luciano Hernandez IV, display their product, Spirit Fire Lights, at the SURGE Celebration.
Feature Story Ebony Roach
Feature Story Entrepreneurs Luciano Hernandez V and his dad, Luciano Hernandez IV, show off their product at the Surge Celebration.
Feature Story GRCC students in their Metallica Scholars shirts
Development News A new initiative to help St. Clair County manufacturers embrace Industry 4.0 is underway.
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