Feature Story  Veterans garden Kalamazoo
Development News The grassroots Macomb County Pride Festival is coming to Mt. Clemens.
Longform Chelsea Hohn at Cahoots.
Longform On the Ground Battle Creek Summer Learning
Feature Story List-Pride Allies

Further your journey as an ally

Longform Tech[Inclusive] co-founder Ronda Bergman.
Feature Story Art lessons serve as a framework to teach trainees life skills like focus, communication, and confidence.
Feature Story LGBTQIA+ survivors are welcome at Shelterhouse. Past experiences with bullying, lack of support from helping professionals, or trauma can make it especially difficult for LGBTQIA+ survivors to reach out for help.

Catalyst Community: Shelterhouse’s Intersections

Feature Story After a few public racial incidents happened in the schools, MPS realized there were many day-to-day moments happening they weren’t in touch with.
Development News Nala Jane Williams performs a ballet recital at last year’s Sterling Heights Cultural Exchange event.
Innovation News Ypsi Pride's kickoff on June 4.
Feature Story List-Shawna Patterson-Stephens
Feature Story Camp Fish Tales list image
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