Brianne Turczynski

Brianne Turczynski holds an MA in education from Oakland University with a concentration in History and English. Her work has been published in the poetry anthology, Sixty-Four Best Poets of 2018 (Black Mountain Press), The 3288 Review, Michigan Out-of-Doors Magazine, and others. Her book, Detroit's Lost Poletown: The Little Neighborhood that Touched a Nation was released with the History Press in 2021. Follow her at @booksandloststories.

Feature Story The Ferndale Crow's Nest on Woodward and 9 Mile, 1921.

Looking Back: Ferndale museum making history personal again

Feature Story Royal Oak Main street 1930
Feature Story Th River Rouge Historical Museum's tale of survival reflects the city it represents.
Feature Story Warren. Mound Road looking south across Chicago. 1896 @ Warren Historical and Genealogical Society. The drug store is still there today.
Feature Story roseterrace1.jpeg
Feature Story Blossom Heath in 1929.
Feature Story Looking north on Main Street. The Edison building (shown on the right) is on the southeast corner of