Northville defines the word bucolic. It is a peaceful, charming and historic village that is a wonderful destination for a shopping trip, a nature-lined stroll or to check out some art. From dinner theater to horse racing, from disc golf to mountain biking, Northville is a quiet town that manages to sneak in some occasional loud fun.

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Development News Photo courtesy Stemville.
Development News amity.jpg
Feature Story The Dequindre Cut in Detroit.

Taking tech to our trails

Feature Story ted-logo.jpg

Robotics programs in Michigan can receive $3 million in grants

Development News Flowers for sale
Development News pops-for-italian-list.jpg

Regional development news round-up for July

Innovation News ccu.jpg

Community Choice Credit Union adds branches as it grows

Innovation News Rana

Loven Systems creates big data tech that mimics user decisions

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