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5 Blog Posts You Should Read

With Thanksgiving just around the corner it seems a good time to remind our readers that of all the resources and institutions Michigan should be thankful for, its the innovators, entrepeneurs and creatives that dream of what our state can be. Metromode's guest blog provides a weekly forum for their ideas, concerns and opinions. Here are a few recent posts that got us... and hopefully you... thinking.


Aaron Alston

Aaron Alston is the CEO of Cadre Systems and a co-owner of Candor Marketing. He is also a co-managing member of Vinton Building, LLC and a board member with CreateDetroit.Aaron will be writing about how we should view Detroit; as a glass half empty or a glass half full?  Join the conversation with your comments!


Aaron Kluza

A native Metro-Detroiter, Aaron Kluza is the co-owner and co-operator or Rock Dove Couriers, a bicycle messenger company in downtown Detroit. He'll be writing about Detroit --opportunites and challenges-- from a cyclist's perspective. See if you can keep up.


Aaron Pilat

Aaron Pilat thinks Detroit can learn from Rome. An architect in Ann Arbor, Aaron's work has focused on reinventing historic structures for new uses. While living in Rome, he analyzed the re-use of historic architecture and urban space as a means of informing redevelopment in Detroit. Aaron will be writing about his ideas and observations.


Adrian Pittman

Adrian Pittman is co-founder and CEO of Velocity Matters and SOMTU MMS. An Ann Arborite, Adrian has more than 15 years of high-tech marketing and brand development experience. He will be writing about entrepeneurship and innovation in SE Michigan.


Amanda Dentler

As an indicator of what Michigan's forces can do when left to their own devices, the Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office has joined in an alliance to obtain $70M in federal energy funds. Outreach Director Amanda Dentler writes about Metro Detroit's energy efficiency model, and neighborhood efforts to manage consumption.

Blogger courter_Blog

Amy Courter

When it comes to the forefront of scientific, technical, and leadership roles, women are still running in place, for the most part. Civil Air Patrol Major General Amy Courter, president of the Michigan chapter of Women in Defense, writes this week on how more women can achieve line positions in Michigan's burgeoning defense industry.


Angela Kujava

Puppeteering and robot-rigging are no small perks when it comes to Angela Kujava's volunteer work. A certified financial planner and investment management analyst, Angela is also the board president for 826Michigan and co-founder of YP Underground. Over just one week she'll make a strong case for Gen X and Y to lead non-profits, build retirement funds, and turn business networking connections into true friendships.


Anthony Morrow

Anthony Morrow knows just how much Detroit rocks. He's the editor & publisher of Detour --a music, film and culture blog out of Royal Oak--, the creator of both Metro Times' Blowout, and Detour's Rock City music festivals. Anthony has also shot videos for the White Stripes, Von Bondies, and Specs Howard. That enough street cred for you? He'll be writing about what it takes to start an Internet publication, and keep it going.


Antonio Lück

Brazil native Antonio Lück, portfolio manager at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, has lived in the Detroit area for under four years, yet has built a chain of friendships and activities that many would take a lifetime to amass. This week he writes on how a collaboration between a Brazil university and WSU brought him to Detroit's shores, the seeding of the Detroit Young Professionals volunteer and leadership group, and entrepreneurial gusto in the city.


Anuja Rajendra

Dancer and choreographer Anuja Rajendra, the creator and CEO of Bollyfit (Bollywood-themed fitness dance classes) puts a positive spin on downsizing in a region known for both employment woes and beefy waistlines. This week, Anuja shows how we can bhangra our way to a state of cultural understanding, good health, and good spirits.


Arjen Oosterman

Arjen Oosterman is editor-in-chief and publisher of Volume magazine, as well as a writer and educator. With the ambition to reconnect architecture to the pressing issues of our times, Volume advocates to "go beyond architecture" and reclaim the cultural and political significance of design. Arjen will be writing about his recent participation at a conference in Warren. 


Austin Black

Are you house hunting or looking for the lofty life? Urban redevelopment devotee and realtor Austin Black, a Cornell grad, has a plate of opportunities to share with young professionals who want to live and work in Detroit.

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Best Blogs of the Year

Metromode received an abundance of provocative and inspiring ideas via our guest bloggers throughout the year, and it's our pleasure to share with you a selection of the most compelling.

Blogger Samara Johnson and Bev Price

Beverly Price & Samara Johnson

Royal Oak has the only nonprofit foundation in Michigan solely devoted to eating disorder recovery, an issue hitting young professional women in particular. Beverly Price and Samara Johnson of the Inner Door Foundation discuss how local nonprofits and the healthcare system can devote themselves to this area.

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