Dearborn is known as a destination for Middle Eastern food -- as it should be. But there is a lot more going on in this city than just falafels. Cuisine from all around the world, independent boutiques, cozy pubs, and thumping clubs can be found -- as can stunning historic homes and, increasingly, lofts and townhouses.

Feature Story The ZAP! Art Project transformed three utility boxes into public art, with Biz Drouillard’s piece in the foreground.
Feature Story Mark Robey knows first-hand the pressures students face balancing studies and external responsibilities.
Feature Story “I feel like now, as I go through college, I'm appreciating the POP project more and more for what it prepared me for,” says POP Design Team alum Amar Haidar.
Feature Story Db-shop
Development News M Cantina in East Dearborn. Photo by David Lewinski.
Feature Story Jazz on the Ave. in City Hall Park.

Public shares ideas for Dearborn’s City Hall Park