Growth Companies

BrainGain Marketing, a Candor Marketing Group subsidiary, specializes in helping clients reach creative, young consumers. BrainGain helps brands, businesses and regions connect with this demographic through new marketing and new media relations, community outreach, entertainment, events and other relevant cultural interests.

BrainGain’s founder, Eric Cedo, brings a strong mix of marketing and new media experience. He has unique expertise in the development of proven talent attraction and "place" marketing campaigns for numerous for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Although BrainGain is a very new company, they hit the ground running by winning their very first bid for the State of Michigan, landing the youth marketing campaign for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. The goal is to create a user-generated web network of young people working and living in Michigan.

Visit their site and read Eric Cedo's frequent posts about the state of web marketing and his numerous links to articles of interest. As much a resource as a business, BrainGain understands how content and community can build brand worth watching.

570 Kirts Blvd. Suite #233
Troy, Mi 48084