Growth Companies

Titan Energy Development  works out of NextEnergy in Detroit's TechTown.

Based in Detroit's TechTown, this company is all about generating power, the renewable kind. 

Titan specializes in technologies like harvesting methane gases at places on farms to create energy, which can be sold back to the local power grid — bringing a new spin to the term cash cow. 

It also manufactures and distributes the State-of-the-Art "Sentry 5000™" mobile utility system, which offers emergency power, heating & cooling, water purification, satellite communications, compressed air and perimeter lighting all in an easy-to-use mobile package.

As if that weren't enough, the company provides energy consulting services, providing audits for commercial, industrial & institutional facilities.

In just more than two years, Titan has grown from two employees to 30 and expects to see its staff grow as the Sentry 5000 and its other subsidiaries find more customers. The company's 2007 revenues topped $8 million.

Titan Energy is currently working with Wayne State University, the U.S. Army and TARDEC on a variety of research and development projects.

Titan Energy Development
NextEnergy Alternative Technologies Center, 461 Burroughs Street
Detroit, MI 48202
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