April is Arts Month in Dearborn

Art galleries. Symphonies. Literary events. Concerts in the park.

While the arts are a constant presence in the city of Dearborn, the community spotlights its creative and cultural offerings during the fourth month of every year for April Arts Dearborn.

We asked Emma Woodyard, the director of the Dearborn Community Fund, all about it.

Q: This is the third year for April Arts Dearborn. What inspired the event?

A: The purpose of April Arts Dearborn is to call attention to the large number of cultural organizations and programs that are available. Dearborn is the light under the bushel when it comes to opportunities available.

The symphony is more than 50 years old. The Artists’ Society of Dearborn is 60-plus years old, with artists of varying levels, from pure professionals to those that just enjoy it. The number of acting possibilities in the Players Guild of Dearborn. Artists camps. There’s a lot that goes on here in terms of arts and culture.

Q: Why April?

A: We selected the month of April because most of the organizations start their seasons in the fall and they’re running at full steam in April before getting ready to hit their summer breaks. They’re at their level best right now.

Q: What can people expect?

A: It really encompasses everything. In the calendar you will notice a whole panel of all the different arts organizations, from performance to visual to literary; a lot of different kinds of arts. And then the museums as well. The Mayor’s Arts Awards, our version of the Oscars on a community level. The Dearborn Youth Arts Festival.

Most events in April are free to attend, like the Gallery Rally where you see all of our wonderful art galleries.

Q: Why are the arts important to Dearborn and the community?

A: The arts are what brings people together. They open the door for people to participate, to become involved, to express their creativity.

The eastside is becoming more and more arts-focused with Artspace Lofts and Fishnet Studio. All year long there is music, and especially in the summer.

We’re bringing people together and to bring together different cultures, it’s important if we’re going to have a community that is complete.

Q: What makes Dearborn a uniquely artistic place?

A: Dearborn is just under 100,000 residents. There is a lot of talent here. The schools have strong arts and music programming. There’s the Arab American National Museum, the symphony. Henry Ford College and all of its programs, both to enroll in and attend.

The arts are readily available here. And we’re culturally rich because of the variety of people coming in from all over the world.

Click here to view the April Arts Month calendar of events online.

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