Over-sized chess the latest in Sterling Heights community focus

Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor officially unveiled the newest addition to a series of community engagement projects on Tuesday: an over-sized, outdoor checkerboard.

The checkerboard forms part of the City’s 2030 visioning plan, as a place-making opportunity that is aimed at gathering residents and drawing young people to the Sterling Heights Public Library. 

“Installations like this unique life-sized game are prominent and visual, making them an instant draw for those walking or driving by,” says Taylor. “We hope that exciting opportunities like this for fun on the fly will encourage even more community engagement with our library.”

The over-sized checkerboard area will provide an opportunity for visitors to play chess, checkers, and other over-sized games including a connect game and tumbling blocks game, on the south side of the library on Dodge Park Rd. These will be open for use during library hours, weather permitting, in the extension of the Library’s Children’s Art Garden.

Library director Tammy Turgeon says the project is aimed at connecting with residents. “We are hopeful that new and positive experiences like the checkerboard will help create and foster those lasting relationships with our residents,” Turgeon says.

Sterling Heights’ three-year, $45 million “Recreating Recreation” project is designed to bring new energy to parks and active community facilities in the area and has seen the creation of a new skate park, splash pad, ice rink, and farmers market pavilion. A new community center is under construction and a dog park will open later this year.

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Kate Roff is a freelance writer and editor, currently based out of Detroit. Contact her at kate@wanderoff.com.au
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