Vincent van Gogh and his artist friends make their way to the streets of downtown Farmington

What’s happening: Vincent van Gogh has come to downtown Farmington and he’s brought his artist friends Suzuki Kiitsu, Thomas Waterman Wood, and more. The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) has been busy this month, installing high-quality reproductions of classic artworks at outdoor locations throughout the region. There are 26 communities in this year’s cohort and downtown Farmington is one of them.

“Reeds and Cranes” by Suzuki Kiitsu adorns the downtown Farmington Starbucks wall through early November.What it is: The reproductions come as part of the DIA’s Inside|Out program, now in its twelfth year. Artworks from the DIA collection are installed annually in cities, metroparks, and community colleges throughout Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties each May, and stay up through early November. More than 100 communities have taken part in the program since its launch and special installations have reached as far as Mackinac Island and the Upper Peninsula. Nearby locations in Farmington Hills and Oakland Community College also received Inside|Out artworks this year.

What’s here: Found in downtown Farmington this year are reproductions of “Self Portrait” by Vincent van Gogh (KickstART Gallery & Shop); “Sunday Morning” by Thomas Waterman Wood (Farmington Masonic Lodge); “Merrymakers” by Carolus-Duran (SIPP); “Reeds and Cranes” by Suzuki Kiitsu (Starbucks); and “Mosquito Nets” by John Singer Sargent (Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market).

What they’re saying: “The DIA’s InsideOut program is a wonderful way for communities to be introduced to great artworks from their collection,” says Dwayne Hayes, Executive Director, KickstART Farmington. Vincent van Gogh’s “Self Portrait” was installed on the gallery’s facade earlier this month.

“We’re fortunate to have this opportunity in our community and we’re thrilled to share the KickstART Gallery with Vincent over the next few months!”

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