Hazel Park’s JoeBar to launch 4/20 partnership with neighbors at New Standard dispensary

Growing up, the most exciting thing about a McDonald’s Happy Meal wasn’t exactly the food. It was the toy.

Last year, when bars and restaurants first reopened after the initial COVID-19 shutdowns, JoeBar in Hazel Park tapped into that nostalgic feeling with the introduction of the (Adult) Happy Deal. The bar and restaurant partners with a local business each week, promoting the business and including merchandise from said business as part of the special.

Available each Tuesday, an (Adult) Happy Deal includes a cheeseburger, fries, beer, and a “toy” from the participating partner, and all for the cost of $10. Previous (Adult) Happy Deals saw JoeBar partnering with McClure’s Pickles, which included a Bloody Mary served in a reusable pickle jar, and Moosejaw, which included a kazoo, koozie, and t-shirt.

In the face of the pandemic, the (Adult) Happy Deal was JoeBar’s way to lift up neighboring businesses.

“It’s all really simple. After honing my bartending skills in and around Detroit for the last 25 years and getting to help open many of our best restaurants, I love that I am now working and living in Hazel Park,” says Kevin Hickner, beverage director and bartender at JoeBar.

“I’m proud that JoeBar continues to show our great city how easy it is to support all of our neighbors on a weekly basis.”

Island-themed Tiki drinks at the Joebar include Painkiller, Ghost Flower, Up in Smoke, and the New Standard-inspired JawsWith April 20 — 4/20 in cannabis culture — falling on a Tuesday this year, the folks at JoeBar have partnered with local marijuana dispensary New Standard for the corresponding (Adult) Happy Deal, featuring New Standard merchandise and coupons. The partnership will feature additional events throughout the summer. It also serves as the opening date for JoeBar’s annual JoeTiki patio takeover.

Island-themed Tiki drinks will be available throughout the summer.

“One year ago we became the first city in our county to open multiple recreational cannabis dispensaries and it’s amazing what it has done here on many levels,” Hickner says.

“Partnering with New Standard seemed like a great fit, so in return, I created a smoky tropical sea-blue drink that matches their branding, named Jaws, with homegrown garnishes.

“Also coming back to the Tiki menu will be the classic Painkiller as well as last year’s favorite, called Ghost Flower, and a new boozy sipper garnished with toasted coconut smoke called Up in Smoke.”

JoeBar is located at 23839 John R Rd. in Hazel Park.

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