Downtown Farmington brunch and dinner spot mulls expansion locations

A brunch and dinner hotspot in downtown Farmington is looking to grow.

Brothers Jacob and Majid Khalil own brunch and dinner restaurant Mi.Mosa. They opened in downtown Farmington in July 2016. And though they’ll continue to operate, tweak, and perfect their Farmington home, the brothers are starting to think about a second location.

Business is good. It’s time to expand.

While they have yet to sign a lease anywhere, Jacob says that the brothers are looking for that next hip suburban neighborhood, the next Farmington--though Jacob wasn’t ready to divulge where that might be.

"We’re targeting up and coming areas, and want to keep it suburban," Jacob says.

"We want to take what’s trendy and happening in downtown Detroit and bring it to the suburbs."

What’s trendy and happening, he says, are restaurants that present culinary experiences that think outside of the box.

Like Mi.Mosa.

The restaurant favors local and fresh ingredients, be it brunch or dinner. Gluten-free and vegan patrons are catered to, says Jacob.

They also serve alcohol, as evidenced by their name. Mi.Mosa currently has five varieties of mimosas on their menu. There’s the original mimosa, a drink made with orange juice and champagne, but also unique takes on the champagne-based drink popular with the brunch crowd, including mimosas made with mango, pomegranate, kiwi strawberry, or orange juice, pineapple, and grenadine.

Jacob says they did right by starting out in Farmington. The brothers grew up in the area and were attracted to downtown’s walkability and concentration of smaller, family-owned businesses and restaurants. The only thing missing, he says, was a brunch spot, a gap they were more than happy to fill.

Mi.Mosa is located at 23360 Farmington Rd. in downtown Farmington.

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