Real estate watch: Residential and commercial options in downtown Farmington

Downtown living.

There’s yoga in the park. Farmers markets. Locally-owned and operated small businesses, unique to a community.

And what’s more, you can casually walk from one to another.

There really is nothing like downtown living. It’s a notion made all the more on-point in these days of COVID-19. Downtowns at least allow some semblance of community when forced to social distance. You can wave to your neighbor as they walk their dog down the sidewalk while you sit comfortably at the open-air patio of your favorite restaurant, sipping a locally-made craft beer in the shade.

We were curious about what the real estate scene was like in downtown Farmington this summer so we took a look. Here are a couple listings we found, both residential and commercial.

Let’s take a look at the opportunities available in downtown Farmington.

33318 Grand River Avenue (Residential): $1,200/month

One of the great joys of downtown living is scoring an apartment in a truly historic building. While the modern comforts of a brand new development are undoubtedly nice, the imagination is stirred when living in a building that’s been at the center of town for 100 years. And it’s often those apartment units that are located above a business, often the source of memorable relationships between an apartment dweller and the workers below.

One such unit is currently available in downtown Farmington: A second floor loft apartment in the historic Cook Building. You could walk anywhere downtown in mere minutes. Being directly adjacent to the Civic Theatre doesn’t hurt, either.


32742 – 32780 Grand River Avenue (Commercial): $17.00/SF/YR

Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, traditional downtowns were hot, as both younger and older generations were flocking to communities with more traditional urban centers.

Mom-and-pop stores and restaurants. Walkability. These factors and more have inspired a trend of downtown living.

And while COVID-19 has stunted commerce, some believe that it will only accelerate our transition from drab shopping centers surrounded by acres of parking lot and back into the more traditional and vibrant downtown cores.

The mixed-use development Village Commons offers the best of both worlds, free and ample parking while being located in downtown Farmington. Customers can park and walk. This office/retail space can capitalize on the many bars and restaurants of downtown Farmington, all within a minute’s walk.


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