New online platform makes volunteering and donating to metro Detroit nonprofits easier

Whether you have a desire to volunteer your time towards a good cause or have some extra money to donate, sometimes the biggest hurdle isn’t necessarily the will but the way.

For someone looking to give — be it time, effort, or money — it might be a little overwhelming to start looking for a nonprofit organization that aligns with their goals and interests. The truth is that there are hundreds of nonprofit organizations throughout metro Detroit that could use the help of a volunteer or the gift of a donor. 

Enter SHARE Detroit, a new online platform that seeks to better connect volunteers and donors with metro Detroit nonprofits.

“Local nonprofit organizations depend on donations of time and money to operate and, yet, it’s especially challenging for donors and volunteers to connect with causes they care about and identify how to contribute to nonprofit organizations right in their own neighborhoods. SHARE Detroit changes all that,” says Janette Phillips, founding executive director of SHARE Detroit.

“We’re connecting people to the organizations where they can see the impact being made. Investing in our community through philanthropy should be fun and accessible. We believe that by doing good together, we create a stronger, happier Detroit.”

There are more than 100 nonprofits in the SHARE Detroit directory; the organization hopes to reach more than 250 by summer. The nonprofits found within the SHARE Detroit network serve Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties and represent a wide swath of interests.

For those searching for the right nonprofit that works for them, users can simply search three sections: Who It Helps, What It Impacts, and Causes.

Say you’re looking for a nonprofit that helps children. Just click on the Kids tab and find more than 80 nonprofits that do just that. Or perhaps you’re most interested in engaging a nonprofit that deals in animal welfare and conservation efforts. Or cardiovascular disease. The directory breaks nonprofits into categories that are both broad and very specific.

“We’re connecting people to the organizations where they can see the impact being made,” says Janette Phillips, founding executive director of SHARE Detroit.Each nonprofit within the directory has a page that explains who they are and what they do, a Give Shop Wish List, where the nonprofit identifies items that they need, and a calendar of Volunteer Opportunities.

“To help bring to life this resource that can have such an impact for the region’s nonprofits is truly rewarding. It’s a labor of love that I see working around the clock to help charitable groups attract the volunteers and funds they so need,” says Paul Vlasic, who, along with Sam Rozenberg, are among the inaugural founders and funders of SHARE Detroit.

“Community service and philanthropy have always been an important part of life, and my family and I appreciate the opportunity to help nonprofits in metro Detroit fulfill their missions – quicker and easier – while helping volunteers and donors discover greater meaning and connection in their contributions.”

Visit SHARE Detroit online today.

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