Opinion: Representation in media matters

It’s the year 2020 and a global pandemic has shifted our global consciousness. In a pivotal election year with the backdrop of social justice movements and nationwide protests against police brutality in the purview, connecting to humanity has been challenging with lockdowns and limits on social gatherings.

Add social isolation to the mix, and the need for processing our collective experiences and the “Locs.Love.Life” podcast was born. Though the formation of the podcast was a very serendipitous one, a spirited conversation sparked the idea that would later become a way to turn tragedy into therapy and inspire different communities to overcome their own personal challenges while challenging traditional stereotypes of Black queer masculine-presenting women. As we’ve seen, representation indeed matters, mainstream media lacks accurate representation of our particular wave on the spectrum.


In the United States, our society is rife with generalizations and judgments of too many kinds towards Black queer women. Because of height, size, and outward appearance, we have been approached and received a particular way in contrast to our lived experiences and identities. This has caused frustration due to false narratives and perspectives based on expectations and negative biases projected on to us.


While we appear to be a part of the exact same intersection, we each have distinct modes of expression and articulation. In the Black community, we are taught at a young age to “keep our mouths shut” when it comes to mental health and family trauma causing barriers to opening up and ultimately to healing.

Sharing our stories on the podcast allows people to hear that it’s ok to talk about your feelings and it’s nothing wrong with seeking therapy if needed. We want to let people know alternative ways to deal with depression and anxiety - to break generational curses. Mental health is important and is something we can’t continue to ignore.


Despite this, we are on a mission to view the world from an objective viewpoint, free from the fear of others’ opinions and sometimes their actions. Through the “Locs.Love.Life” podcast, we intend to bust stereotypes, reject boxes, and thoughtfully explore a range of subject matter. We want our audience to know our truth from our varied perspectives. We want them to learn from our past experiences (and mistakes).

Lastly, we always want to leave the listener feeling imbued with positivity and light. We’re resolute in giving the listener episodes filled with spirited banter and tools that may help them on their life journey. Maybe, our words might help the listeners think differently or spark a much-needed conversation in their own lives.


While we are part of several underrepresented communities (Black, Queer, Female, Masc), we feel, especially now; it is immensely important to demonstrate that perspectives are as unique as the individuals conveying them. Locs Love Life is more than just a name to us, it’s a culture, it’s a movement, and a lifestyle in which we embrace differences, break stereotypes, and love people for who they are.

As we embrace this spiritual journey, we have the audience traveling alongside us with the understanding that they are not alone, it gets better, and “Locs.Love. Life” is a safe space where we can navigate this journey together.

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