Beaumont and Dearborn recognize city's healthy restaurants with inaugural round of awards

Dearborn's restaurants are being recognized for their commitment to providing diners healthy food options. The Healthy Restaurants awards program is the result of a partnership between Beaumont Health and the city of Dearborn's Healthy Dearborn initiative.

Thirteen restaurants were acknowledged as the inaugural class of Healthy Restaurants. The restaurants received either Gold, Silver, or Bronze window decals to be placed in their storefronts to inform customers of their commitment to healthy food options, healthy outlooks, and sustainable practices.

Healthy Restaurants organizers characterize the criteria for recognition as stringent. The three award levels, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, reflect a restaurant's level of healthy options.

Bronze awards go to restaurants with at least one vegetarian option and a menu with at least 30 percent of items made from whole food ingredients, no preservatives, low-fat/low-sugar, and rBGH-free milk.

Silver awards go to restaurants that meet the Bronze requirements and at least four of the following additional criteria: At least one vegan entree, alternative oil options, a fresh fruit offered as dessert, unsweetened teas, and infused waters. Also included are "lifestyle options" like halal, kosher, low carbohydrate, and allergy-free items.

Gold awards go to restaurants that meet the Silver requirements and at least four of the following additional criteria: Organic ingredients, locally sourced ingredients, pasta grain alternatives, and partnerships with local food banks for unused food.

Three Gold awards and ten Silver awards were given to thirteen Dearborn restaurants. Making it to the Gold level of Healthy Restaurants were Brome Modern Eatery, Picasso Restaurant Group, and Mint 29. Winning Silver awards were Al-Ameer Restaurant, Andiamo Ristorante (Dearborn), Frida Mexican Cuisine, Habib’s Cuisine, La Pita Restaurant (Dearborn), Lue Thai Cafe, M Cantina, Sahara Restaurant (Dearborn), Sheeba Restaurant, and TRIA Restaurant at The Henry.

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