State of Health

State of Health is a series about how Michigan communities are rising to address health challengesPrevious coverage examined health disparities and how they affect Michigan's children and seniors and integrated care and its potential to improve Michiganders' health. This series is made possible with funding from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.

Longform Michigan produce at the lunch counter at George Long Elementary School in Grass Lake.
Longform Children play at the Children's Healing Center.
Longform Help Home Personal ID* Program GPS ID bracelets.
Longform An operator in the call center at Network 180, Kent County's community mental health agency.
Longform Katherine Rosenblum, co-director of the University of Michigan's Zero to Thrive program.
Longform PLANE program creator Dr. Leah Ketcheson with program participants Martin Paige-Fowlkes and Amanda Paige.
Longform Students at North Elementary School in Birch Run participate in an InPACT physical activity break.
Special Report Mental health report
Longform Timothy Michling, research associate in health affairs at the Citizens Research Council of Michigan and author of a report entitled "Michigan Falls Short on Mental Health Services."