China Township start-up advances to final round of Coolest Thing Made in Michigan contest

What’s happening: DB Delivery Solutions, the China Township-based startup, has made it to the final round of the “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan” contest from the Michigan Manufacturers Association. The company has advanced to the Top Ten in the People’s Choice Award category, following a first round that recognized thousands of votes cast.

The Coolest Thing Made in Michigan: DB Delivery Solutions is being recognized for their Receptor product, a delivery box installed in the walls of homes and businesses that keeps deliveries secure and out of the clutches of “porch pirates,” opportunistic thieves that take packages from people’s porches and otherwise. Receptors can hold packages, groceries, prepared meals, and more. Founded in 2019 by Mike Janas and Missie Nordrum, DB Delivery Solutions was announced as a 2021 SmartZone Best Small Business Awardee earlier this year.

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How to vote: To support DB Delivery Solutions in the final round, visit the MMA online and vote for the “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan.” Daily voting is open through Friday, Sept. 24. The winner will be announced at the 2021 MFG Excellence Awards on Thursday, Nov. 4, in Lansing.

What they’re saying: “The Receptor is the coolest, most secure way to get your packages delivered into your home,” Mike Janas, president of DB Delivery Solutions, says. “We are installing Receptors in homes and businesses in Southeast Michigan, and our customers love the convenience and safety for all their deliveries.”