Hard work yields sweet rewards for Port Huron mail carrier-turned-entrepreneur

Meet Daysha Woodley, owner of Daylicious Drinks and Treats. Woodley, who was born and raised in Port Huron, wears many hats. Not only is she a business owner, she is also a mother of six children, a mail carrier, and a philanthropist. Woodley’s business, which she operates from her Port Huron home, specializes in frozen drinks and dipped berries.

“I don’t have much, but I’m willing to share what little I can,” Woodley says. “The smallest gesture can have the biggest effect on someone.”

Daysha Woodley, owner of Daylicious Drinks and TreatsThe sentiment speaks as a testament to her kind and pleasant demeanor. But life hasn't always been chocolate-covered berries and roses for Woodley. She has suffered loss at an early age, people that were most dear to her and instrumental in teaching her the skills she would use in her business later on in life. When she was 12-years-old, she lost her dad. Six years later, she lost her mom. The loss of both had a traumatic effect.

Summoning all of her resilience and strength, Woodley continued to press forward and persevere with her middle and high school education until she became a mother at the age of 16.

“I didn't feel as if I had made a mistake by having a child at such an early age. I really didn’t think about it much at all outside of realizing I had to do what was best for me and my son,” says Woodley. “If anything, it made me grow up faster and become more responsible in life.”

Becoming a single mother led to Woodley dropping out of high school, but she later returned to get her GED before going on to college at Baker College in Port Huron, where she earned her Associate of Applied Science degree. She then went on to pursue careers in the dental and medical fields for 12 years before switching to her current career as a mail carrier in the city of Port Huron.

“It was just time,” Woodley says when asked what made her make such a dramatic career change after so many years in the medical field.

Following the statewide COVID-19 restrictions that began in March 2020, Woodley decided to put her lifelong dream of becoming a business owner in motion.

“I’m not sure why I chose that time to start my business, but I felt like it was just time to fulfill something I've longed to do,” says Woodley. “I used to want to own a bar and grill, but now I would like to have a more mobile setup to move throughout the community and provide my services.” After taking an online course to become a certified mixologist — someone who specializes in mixing cocktails — she then got her business license and opened Daylicious Drinks and Treats.

The menu consists of a variety of homemade treats, from traditional favorites like pies and cakes to some of her more unique creations such as the “Cheesecake Taco,” which consists of a special cinnamon-sugar shell filled with cheesecake and your choice of fruit topping. With the holiday season in full-effect, Woodley says her most popular item has been the “Hot Cocoa Bombs,” which come in traditional or gourmet. They are made with a spherical shell of thin chocolate and filled with cocoa powder, marshmallows, and other sweets such as peppermint pieces and other goodies. You place the hot cocoa bombs in hot milk or a beverage of your choosing and watch as the chocolate bomb dissolves, revealing the sweet contents inside.

A scene from Daylicious Movie NightsDaylicious Drinks and Treats also provides a service called “Daylicious Movie Nights.” This service is provided in Port Huron (April 1 through Oct. 31, weather-permitting) and Orlando, Florida (year-round, weather-permitting). The movie night service consists of a 20 ft. blow-up screen and projector, inflatable lounge chairs, and speakers. Customers can then connect their phone, firestick, or other device to watch the movie of their choice. Drink and snack options are also available upon request.

“Since starting my business life has been super busy trying to maintain home and work.” Woodley says. “The business has been challenging, but I believe I'm doing okay so far.”

Not only has Woodley risen from obstacles that may have caused others to give up, she still finds a way to give back to her community. During her Halloween hat-and-glove giveaway, she gave out more than 70 items to trick-or-treaters and others. And later in December, Woodley plans a Single Dad Giveaway in which she will be giving away prizes and special treats to one lucky dad for the holidays.

“I give back to the community because, as a small business, my biggest supporters are from the community,” Woodley says.

“And although it feels good to receive, it feels even better to give.”
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