Hippy Dippy Creamery announces second location in Fort Gratiot

Having delivered mail for the New Baltimore Post Office for many years, Matthew Faulkner, Co-Owner of Hippy Dippy Creamery recently resigned to focus on the family ice cream business. With the success of the shop's first location in Marysville, Matthew and Jamie Faulkner are opening a second location in Fort Gratiot over Memorial Day weekend. 

Jamie (left) and Matthew Faulkner, owners of Hippy Dippy Creamery standing behind their new location at 3900 Pine Grove in Fort Gratiot.The couple plan to carry on the store’s tradition of family fun events at the new location, such as the March Madness Bracket Challenge, Fill Your Stanley, and Harry Potter events.

“When you think of ice cream, you can’t help but think of family time,” Faulkner says. “The community always looks forward to these events, and the number of people who have reached out to us with excitement is mind-boggling.” 

The Faulkners also want to continue encouraging young residents to pursue entrepreneurial ideas in a space that Hippy Dippy Creamery can provide. 

“Besides selling the best ice cream in town, one of our mission statements is to focus on the youth in the area and enhance local arts,” Faulkner says. 

Every year, students from 6 to 12 grade can complete a mural application form. A winner is chosen to paint a family-friendly, colorful mural for the season outside the creamery, and a $500 college scholarship. This summer will be the third season, and both locations will each have its own winner and mural opportunity.  

Fresh-made bubble waffle tacos served on Tuesdays at Hippy Dippy Creamery in Marysville.

The ice cream will continue to be provided from the Chocolate Shoppe in Madison, Wisconsin. Along with their traditional flavors, the Fort Gratiot location will add new flavors to its menu and six non-dairy options like Italian ice and sherbet. They’ll also be adding fun flavors including Exhausted Parent, Fat Elvis, and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. Their secret menu will reflect the latest pop culture trends, musicians, and popular movie hits. 
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