Jobs Landed: Alice Rossignol

I write reports and proposals, edit various documents and complete any other awesome tasks that come across my desk. I love it -- the people are great, our work is meaningful, old town is fun and I get to do something I'm passionate about.

The job was posted on The Nature Conservancy website and it seemed to fit well with my past professional experience and my personal passion for nature, science and the outdoors. I was also hoping to return to the Lansing area after working in Ann Arbor for the summer.
Job Title: Philanthropy Writer
Company: Nature Conservancy
College: Michigan State University, Masters Degree, Environmental Journalism, East Lansing, MI
High School: Corvallis High School, Corvallis, OR
Lives In: St. Johns

Nature Conservancy

101 East Grand River
Lansing, MI 48906

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