Jobs Landed: Devin Pauwels

As Tria's graphic designer, I perform a wide variety of tasks, working with projects in both the digital and print forms. Working alongside marketing specialists and web developers, I supply the visuals to meet the needs of a client. This can take many shapes, including business cards, logos, websites, brochures or even large printed displays. And even that doesn't begin to cover all of the things I get to create on a daily basis. No two projects are alike, making every day a brand new experience and allowing me to constantly grow as a designer.
Job Title: Graphic Designer
Company: Tria Marketing & Design
College: International Academy of Design & Technology , Graphic Design , Troy, Michigan
High School: Everett High School, Lansing, Michigan
Lives In: Lansing

Tria Marketing & Design

1103 N. Washington Avenue
Lansing, MI 48906

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