Jobs Landed: Eric Stallcup

  1. Working with stakeholders to streamline CMS content to the TechSmith Website and troubleshoot problems
  2. Adding new features and enhancing existing features of the TechSmith websites (English & Foreign)
  3. Working with product teams to ensure that new product releases and information regarding them become accessible on the web
  4. Working with the WP team to devise internal strategies aimed at:
    1. Enhancing our team’s development methodology, organization, productivity, and efficiency
    2. Putting TechSmith in a position to better serve its customers and keep them satisfied with our both products and web support services
  5. Finding other new and innovative ways to make TechSmith better as a functional business entity
Job Title: Software Engineer -- Web Presence
Company: TechSmith Corporation
College: Lawrence Technological University, Computer Science
High School: Fenton High School, Fenton, Michigan
Lives In: East Lansing

TechSmith Corporation

2405 Woodlake Drive
Okemos, MI 48864

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