Jobs Landed: Kate Tippett

Working for Truscott Rossman is a wonderful opportunity for any young professional.  It is far from a “normal” internship, which was exactly what I was looking for!  Interns at TR are held to the highest of standards.  We help out with numerous things in the office such as writing press releases and media advisories, participating in meetings, strategic communications planning, advancing our clients’ social media outlets, planning special events and creating promotional materials.  Each of us has our own specialty, which creates a versatile intern team.

On Twitter: @katie71891
Job Title: Senior Intern
Company: Truscott Rossman
College: Grand Valley State University, College of Community and Public Service, Major: Hospitality and Tourism Management, Minor: French, Allendale, Michigan
High School: Powers Catholic High School, Flint, Michigan
Lives In: Flushing

Truscott Rossman


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