Q LTD stretches creative muscles with One Pause Poetry project

When a company specializes in corporate branding and online presence, it's not uncommon for its creative team to feel a bit constrained while walking the fine line between dynamic design and corporate correctness. That's part of the reason why Q LTD jumped at the opportunity to recreate the online brand of the One Pause Poetry Project.

The Ann Arbor-based non-profit helps spread the word, sound, and experience of poetry throughout Michigan. Its new website, designed by Ann Arbor-based Q LTD, gives a platform for poets, authors and other creatives to post their poetic work online.

"This is a group that really didn't have an online presence," says Jocelyn Edin, art director for Q LTD. "They were able to get a grant to create this website so they can post videos and audio of their readings."

Q LTD's staff enjoyed the project because it allowed the company more artistic freedom. "For us this is a great opportunity for us to use our designers to show what we can really do," says Paul Koch, creative strategist for Q LTD.

Q LTD is headquartered in Kerrytown and has a small office in Los Angeles. It employs about a dozen people, including a new web designer it hired a little less than a year ago.

Source: Paul Koch, creative strategist for Q LTD and Jocelyn Edin, art director for Q LTD
Writer: Jon Zemke

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