New business and creative consulting firm embraces Dearborn roots

A new business and creative consulting firm is starting up in Dearborn.

It’s called Grind Business Creative and it’s celebrating its formation with a grand opening party that coincides with Dearborn’s Homecoming celebrations.

Grind Business Creative offers complete consulting and design services, going beyond logo and website designs and getting at the heart of what a business is trying to accomplish and how they can make it happen.

Grind is the partnership between Jen Romanowski and Michele Maltese, two creative professionals with more than 50 years of experience between them. Romanowski comes from a marketing and technology background. Maltese has worked with businesses big and small, created the Michigan Mitt Maps books, and has collaborated with the University of Michigan-Dearborn and its Computer and Information Science program to launch 11 cell phone apps.

The duo met through a mutual friend and struck an instant bond.

"Combine mine and Michele’s experience and we’re kind of an unstoppable force in figuring out what do you need to do and how to accomplish that," says Romanowski.

"The neat thing about meeting Jen is that I instantly knew that she’s super brilliant," Maltese says.

"I can send clients into her office and be confident in the results."

Grind offers business planning, design, and branding, and marketing consulting services.

Not only is the duo excited to work with each other, they’re also excited to open their office in West Downtown Dearborn. Both Romanowski and Maltese grew up in Dearborn, went to Dearborn schools, and live there today. Grind is opening in Dearborn very much on purpose.

They’re looking forward to meeting locals and working with them in person, and not over the Internet.

"It’s all pretty exciting, and even with all of the challenges that come with being small business owners," says Romanowski.

"Bring it on."

Grind Business Creative is located at 22312 Garrison St. in Dearborn.

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