Sterling Heights

Cybernetics company to invest $20 million, generate 100 jobs in Sterling Heights expansion

HTI Cybernetics, Inc., a provider of robotic welding systems, is expanding its manufacturing operations and headquarters in Sterling Heights, with support from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).

The project has received a $600,000 Michigan Business Development Fund performance-based grant (an incentive from the Michigan Strategic Funds and MEDC) and is expected to generate total private investment of $20.6 million and create 100 jobs over five years.

The Sterling Heights site was chosen for the expansion over competing locations in Mexico and Canada. But it was a close call. The company found that while Mexico has lower labor costs, as well as cheaper building and real estate costs, the incentive assistance from the grant tipped the scales in Michigan's favor.

“HTI is a longstanding employer in Sterling Heights, and the company’s decision to expand there, rather than Mexico or Canada, means good jobs for Michigan residents and underscores the strength of the state’s high-tech manufacturing talent,” says Jeff Mason, the chief executive officer of MEDC.

HTI Cybernetics, Inc. provides automated and robotic welding systems, assembly solutions and operator ergonomic devices. The company is experiencing continued growth and a new facility in Sterling Heights will focus on research and development to produce new technology.

HTI Cybernetics vice president and chief financial officer Joe Keppler says this is their largest building acquisition to date.

“With this being a brand new building, we are designing the space to improve our organizational efficiency, create a more collaborative environment between cross-functional teams, and optimize the customer experience,” says Keppler.

“This is yet another great milestone in HTI’s history and will be one that has an impact for many years into the future as we continue to call Sterling Heights our home.”

The city has offered a 50 percent property tax abatement in support of the project, and Mayor Michael Taylor says he’s excited about the cybernetics company’s growth.

“HTI has been in our city for decades, expanding and hiring new employees on many occasions, and we have always been there to partner with them,” says Taylor.

“We can’t wait to assist them on this significant manufacturing headquarters project.”

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