Job Creation

Feature Story Amanda Saab, Zee Shami, Sam Haider, and Sam Abbas discuss the future of Dearborn Resturants, and food within the community at a Dearborn City Open (image taken before the COVID-19 pandemic).

What our journalists are watching in 2022

Feature Story Mark Robey knows first-hand the pressures students face balancing studies and external responsibilities.
Innovation News Utica Community Schools
Feature Story Tiffany Cartwright, G.L.A.M., beauty products
Feature Story Patricia Lopez
In The News Ford F-150
Development News Manufacturing Day, Sterling Heights

Macomb's Manufacturing Day moves online in wake of COVID-19

In The News Liberty Park, Amazon, Sterling Heights

Amazon to launch new station in Sterling Heights

Development News Katlynn Stone is one of over 600 Ford interns who will work remotely this summer.

Ford forges ahead with virtual summer internships

Development News Building services specialist Kathryn Quell knows just how many events have come through Velocity.
Development News Fire Chief Chris Martin has proposed a fire department education program in Sterling Heights.
Innovation News MADE Academy design engineering students

Sterling Heights tech education center wins state award