Kombucha maker tinkers with recipe for a healthy soda from storefront in downtown Farmington

Jennie Ne-Sipkay just wants to get people healthy.

That’s why Neu-Sipkay started Neu Kombucha, which she operates out of a service window between Rocking Horse and Kitchen Creations in downtown Farmington.

Neu-Sipkay has several flavors of kombucha, some more traditional and some that could be described as kombucha soda, she says. Last summer she debuted an iced herbal tea with probiotics.

Now, when not making and selling her popular healthy drinks, Neu-Sipkay can be found deep in the kitchen, experimenting with her latest creation: A zero-calorie, zero-sugar soda pop. To make it even healthier, Neu-Sipkay is adding adaptogens to the fizzy drink.

She confesses that the soda is still a way’s away--it took six months to develop her iced tea, she says--but it’s definitely coming.

"When we added the iced tea six months ago, it was a little lighter choice for people, but still a way to get probiotics in," Neu-Sipkay says.

"The soda is to give people more choices for a healthy beverage. Kombucha is healthy but it doesn’t appeal to everybody. I want to get people healthy."

Neu-Sipkay got her start in Royal Oak, working at a health-conscious café in that city’s downtown. She began making and selling her own kombucha there and it became so popular that she was encouraged to split away and start her own business.

She opened Neu Kombucha in downtown Farmington a little over three years ago, returning to the city where she grew up and went to high school.

The storefront can be found a little setback from the street. Just follow the sandwich board sign, she says.

Her line of kombucha can also be found at dozens of local markets.

"I love the people around here. I’ve made some friends. It’s a nice community," Neu-Sipkay says. "It’s walkable."

Neu Kombucha is located at 33305 Grand River Ave. in downtown Farmington.

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