Butcher's Daughter gallery adds to Ferndale's artsy rep

The 650-square-foot space for Monica Bowman's new gallery is no stranger to art. Its location above Woodward Percussion has served as studio space for artists for years and is now home to The Butcher's Daughter gallery.

"Ferndale has an established gallery syndicate," Bowman says. "It's a great, open-minded, diverse community that loves art. I want to capitalize on what it already has going for it."

Bowman named the art gallery after herself. She is the sister, daughter, and granddaughter of butchers. The Butcher's Daughter moniker just makes sense for those who know Bowman, not to mention it sounds cool.

The gallery will focus on contemporary art from emerging artists in the Detroit and Washington D.C. area. The works of the first featured artist, Monica Elizabeth Breen, will run through the rest of this week. The next artist, Lisa Marie Thalhammer, will kick off her exhibit on Oct. 24 with an artist talk.

Source: Monica Bowman, owner and director of The Butcher's Daughter
Writer: Jon Zemke