Berkley shows off eclectic style with street art

With several festivals and an abundance of colorful murals, the city of Berkley certainly knows how to celebrate creative streaks. Metromode takes a closer look at some of the impressive designs adorning the downtown area as the city gets ready for the annual Berkley Street Art Fest on July 13, which will see commissioned artists create further murals and encourage visitors to develop their own chalk artwork.

On the wall of Nova Chiropractic, Paolo Pedini's striking work brightens the view for pedestrians. Pedini has worked on several murals around Detroit and says he starts his work by creating background colors and patterns, later adding foreground figures that are a stark contrast to previous layers. More elements like spray painting stencil work are added to further the interactions between layers. He says he finds every public artwork he does extremely rewarding.

"I believe the potential of art to enrich the lives of everyone," Pedini says.

Jon Murrell designed this mural on George's Shoe Repair. The Berkley High School graduate specializes in graphite, charcoal, pen and ink work.

Self taught artist Malt (aka BrownBagDetroit) created this fascinating work on the wall of Elwin & Company. Malt works with both aerosol and acrylic painting techniques, exploring themes of nature across a broad body of work.

"I start with the idea and a basic sketch, then I lay down a background," Malt says. "From there I go on whatever venture the brush or the can of spray takes me."

Berkley High School student Olivia DePaul designed this colorful piece on Chet's Rent-All, which was installed at the Berkley Street Art Fest in 2017.

Rich Ayers is responsible for this work on Armadillo Printwear, where he works as a production manager. The Detroit artist earned his stripes in tattoo studios and often portrays floral designs that draw from his experience with watercolors and photography.

Troy Dirkse created this auto-themed mural on The Neighbor's Shoppe, which he co-owns with his wife Donna. The store was awarded was Business of the Year last year for the Dirkse's work turning their business into a neighborhood hub that brings people together.

Alex Delker painted this message on Sum Girls Boutique. The Detroit-based designer and animator says he enjoys setting "ideas in motion".

Cecilia Gable painted this fresh image at the back of Berkley Eyewear & Local Sunglass Company.

Patrick J's Irish Pub shows off this work by Patrick Hershberger, aka Bonus Saves, an illustrator from Kalamazoo.

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