Out of state circuit court celebrates going paperless thanks to local company

Southfield-based ImageSoft, Inc. is celebrating the five-year anniversary of one of its earliest circuit court customers adopting the company’s custom paperless caseflow software.

ImageSoft provides paperless document and process management solutions to a variety of industries, though its focus is on the courts.

Virginia’s Arlington County Circuit Court was one of the first circuit courts in the nation to go paperless, digitally transmitting case files to higher courts. The court has been enthusiastic in its adoption of ImageSoft’s paperless technology over the years, wearing shirts and putting up banners promoting the practice.

To celebrate five years, Arlington County held a public raffle and commissioned four sheet cakes with phrases in frosting like, "Project Paperless: Where Less Is Really More!" and "Forests are green, oceans are blue, we went paperless for the earth, me and you!"

"ImageSoft is really excited to have been a part of Arlington County’s transformative five years," says Scott Bade, ImageSoft President.

The Clerk’s office in Arlington had great vision and courage in undertaking this initiative, and we’re proud of everything they’ve accomplished, ultimately providing improved service to Arlington County residents."

According to ImageSoft, there has been a roughly 20 percent increase in filings at Arlington County Circuit Court since adopting the paperless system.

The circuit court has also announced that it will further its paperless mission by adopting ImageSoft’s CaseShare, a cloud-based Appeals Automation solution. CaseShare functions include assembling the digital appellate records, automatically merge PDF files, create tables of content and bookmarks, and apply optical character recognition for full-text search capability, among others.

Clerk of the Arlington County Circuit Court Paul Ferguson says that going paperless has increased efficiency for court users and staff.

"Our goal was to provide the easiest access to court records while maintaining robust security, and ImageSoft’s solution and support has achieved this."

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