Blue Force Services expands into security sector, hires veterans

Blue Force Services is expanding into the security sector, diversifying its customer base and hiring a few veterans to meet its new product needs.

The Farmington Hills-based company, a subsidiary of ASG Renaissance, specializes in providing services in the defense industry, such as helping firms recruit and place technical personnel, providing engineering services, integrated logistics, and maintenance support, and development of technical publications/documentation.

But with the recent contraction of government spending in the defense industry, Blue Force Services has been expanding into security services, such as security evaluation, threat assessments, emergency action plans, surveillance detection, security training and event security.

"We have moved our focus to fill the gaps," says Richard Simon, vice president of sales & operations for Blue Force Services.

That diversification has allowed Blue Force Security to grow its revenue about 7 percent over the last year. Security services now makes up 30 percent of the company’s bottom line. The company has also hired two people over the last year, both of whom are veterans.

"We see a tremendous amount of talent coming out of the military as they come back from Iraq and Afghanistan," Simon says.

Source: Richard Simon, vice president of sales & operations for Blue Force Services
Writer: Jon Zemke

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