Annual survey from Bingham Farms firm reveals consumers' technology habits

The Bingham Farms-based mobile strategy and development company jacapps has recently analyzed and released the results of an annual national survey of new technology devices and emerging mobility solutions.

Jacobs Media Strategies, the parent company of jacapps and also based in Bingham Farms, performed and released the survey, dubbed Techsurvey 2018. More than 64,000 respondents completed the survey this year.

The findings are intended to demonstrate how consumers use technology. Its findings are many.

Out of the more than 64,000 respondents, one in four considered themselves "early adopters" of new technologies. That rate is larger among men, 28 percent, Millennials, 32 percent, and African Americans, 31 percent.

The survey also found that the younger the generation, the more likely they are to allow radio and music apps to access location data, use push notifications, and allow microphone permission. For example, 57 percent of Gen Z respondents allow access to location data while just 46 percent of Baby Boomers do.

The contrast is starker for push notifications, with 54 percent of Gen Z and 27 percent of Boomers allowing so, and for microphone access, at 47 percent and 14 percent, respectively.

During the 2017 holiday season, 41 percent of men and 40 percent of women did most or all of their holiday shopping online. Just 30 percent of Gen Z did so, perhaps on account of their young age, but 50 percent of Millennials and 44 percent of Gen X shopped almost exclusively online. Boomers still fought the crowds at the nation’s malls, with just 28 percent of Boomers shopping almost exclusively online.

Alarm clock sales must be down, as the majority of respondents now use their mobile devices as their alarm clocks.

Visit jacapps online to view more of the results.

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