Nextep's kiosk technology propels company to huge growth, plans to hire six

Imagine going into a coffee shop or fast-food joint and not having to deal with a sneering, disgruntled minimum wage worker who loathes his job, you and the world in general. (Not necessarily in that order)

That is the world envisioned by Nextep Systems.

The Troy-based firm specializes in producing automated kiosks that allow customers to order their own food or coffee, grab a ticket and wait for it come up. It promises to make John Q. On-The-Go-Public's experience more efficient while improving customer service.

"These people are more interested in getting in and getting out," says Charles Wheeler, creative director for Nextep. "Everybody is in a hurry."

And the company is in a hurry to keep up with its explosive growth. Nextep  
has doubled its sales projections in the first quarter and expects to do so again in the second quarter. It has also created 15 new jobs in its first four years (including six this last year), currently has three open positions and expects to hire six more people on top of that by the end of the year.

"We've got a lot of great talent in Michigan," Wheeler says.

Source: Charles Wheeler, creative director of Nextep Systems
Writer: Jon Zemke