Anti-violence demonstration planned for Detroit-Grosse Pointe border along Mack Avenue

On Dec. 22, teenager Paige Stalker was shot in the head in Detroit near the city's border with its affluent suburb Grosse Pointe. The case remains unsolved.
According to the Detroit Free Press, "The Stalker family has joined others dealing with similar tragedies, going door-to-door in neighborhoods where people have been raped, murdered or disappeared. They aim to encourage dialogue among neighbors, advocate against violence and help bring about answers for unsolved cases."
The family is currently planning a "Community Unity Walk" that will take place on May 2. Participants will walk a 1.5-mile stretch of the Detroit-Grosse Pointe Border along Mack Avenue between Cadieux and Alter roads. According to the Free Press, organizers hope to assemble 400 to 500 local families who have lost loved ones to violence.
The Free Press reports that "the route was selected after the Stalker family developed a bond with the Detroit family of Chris Samuel, whose daughter, Christina Samuel, 22, was shot to death on Christmas Eve. It was three days after Paige Stalker's death, also at night in a car, about 5 miles away, and also in Detroit. Her case, too, remains unsolved."
For more information about the May 2 Anti-violence demonstration, visit the Detroit Free Press.
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