Oxford Twp to add to walking paths this year

Oxford Township is adding 5,400 feet to its safety paths at a cost of $435,000, which officials see as an investment in quality of life for residents.

The paths will be added to this year and paid for by a combination of local, federal and private dollars.

"It’s all about quality of life," says Jack Curtis, chairman of the township’s Economic Development Subcommittee. "We don’t want to be one of those communities where the only way to get from Point A to Point B is behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. That’s old-school thinking. We’re all about encouraging people to slow down and appreciate more of life as a pedestrian."
Todd Bell, a member of the same committee, says the township is focused on giving residents transportation alternatives and ways to spend free time.
"More and more people want to be able to walk, run or ride their bikes to places within their own community," Bell says. "Some people do it because they want to lead healthier lifestyles. Some do it because they want to reduce pollution by driving their vehicles less. And some do it just because its a fun way to relax and spend time with their family."
Another $50,000 will be spent to design and acquire land to eventually build a 6,600-foot path that leads to the 125-acre Seymour Lake Township Park and athletic fields.

Oxford already connects to nearby communities, Addison and Orion townships, through the 14.2-mile Polly Ann Trail.

Source: Jack Curtis, chairman, Oxford Township Economic Development Subcommittee
Writer: Kim North Shine
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