Wyandotte business and city partner on rooftop solar panels

Hood's Do It Best, one of Wyandotte's longest operating businesses (since 1952), is taking on some very modern changes by installing solar power panels on its rooftop.

The project, part of a city and federal grant program that awards grants and other incentives to businesses and homeowners that make their property energy efficient, is expected to be completed this week, says owner John Christie.

Christie says he received a $12,000 grant that covers about a quarter of the cost of the installation of 48 panels. Cresit Energy of Wyandotte and various local contractors are working on the project.

The investment will pay for itself in about three years, Christie says, by allowing whatever energy is generated to be used at no cost to the hardware store.

Any extra power generated goes back into the city's power grid for all to use. The purpose is to relieve the demands on power providers by using alternative sources of energy.

Christie says customers are noticing the change to the store and asking about it. All Wyandotte residents and businesses are eligible for energy conservation grants for a variety of energy-conservation changes, from minor to major.

"Hopefully it spurs people on," he says, "and gets the word out."

Source: John Christie, owner, Hood's Do It Best
Writer: Kim North Shine
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